Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kindle My Heart

From one of my favorite movies, A Little Princess, a book by Frances Hodgson Burnett comes a hauntingly, bone-tingling, mystical song called Kindle My Heart. This is the original:

And this one is my favorite, a layer of two girls singing the same song. Abigail Doyle and the actor who played Sara is the movie. Patrick Doyle's daughter Abigail Doyle sings Track 19: Kindle My Heart and Liesel Matthews (Sara Crewe) sings the rendition of Kindle My Heart in Track 28:
The Goodbye.

The beautiful lyrics:
As the moon kindles the night
As the wind kindles the fire
As the rain fills every ocean
And the Sun the Earth
So your heart will kindle my heart

Take my heart
Take my heart
Kindle it with your heart
And my heart cannot be
Kindled without you
Your heart will kindle my heart


Milli said...

I LOVE this song. The little Princess is definitly one of my favorite movies. I cried so hard at the end.

Emma Michaels said...

I love this song and 'The Little Princess' great post!!!


I mean memories. said...

I love this movie and book! I love the song too!!! I didn't know that this movie was that famous. I saw it when I was like 5 or 3 when I was little! This movie is so beautiful! I cried at the end. It was so happy! And that mean old person who runs the school. Oh god I didn't know grown ups were so immature and selfish like that and when the means sister went with the milk man ohh so romantic and it was funny when she went to through the window.

Celtic Traveler said...

I love the book and the movie!
Cry everytime.
Hey, just curious, but how did you find my blog anyway?