Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Title and Template and Bloggiesta!

It's a New Year and it's time for new changes! I already re-designed by book blog, Pages, and I re-designed this one to! I got a new template, and changed my Blog Title to "Dreamer". The name fit's better :) The template, as you can see, is totally black, which saves energy, just like is a more energy saving Goggle. Hope you like it!

It's Bloggiesta 2010 and it's time to set some goals about this blog for New Years! The Book Lady's Blog is hosting Bloggiesta!
Now, my goals!
  • Publish more pieces (as I write a lot more than I post in my journal that I got from Rose C. for my birthday)
  • update more often
  • get involved with my fellow writer's blogs
  • write in a variety of ways: diversity: write haiku's and rhyming poems
  • Show appreciation to my faithful followers and bloggers!
I'll be posting more goals when I get the sudden inspiration. Like I'll be riding in the car, when, "Oh my gosh! I just came up with a new goal! Dad! Do you have a piece of paper?! NO?! Darn, do you have a pen? Yes! Alright, (scribbles new goal on hand) Thanks!"
P.S. Writing one-sided dialogue conversations like the one above can be really fun, you end up with a piece of writing you never imagined. I usually make up stories at random to make myself fall asleep at night, it works!