Saturday, April 17, 2010

Your Writing Schedule?

How do you write?

I write in chunks, I write a few pages, then leave it there to sit for a while, then I come back to it later, so I can critique my own work. The "enya" way, where she sings a bit, then shelves the song for a while, then comes back to it so she can be the "audience" of her own song. It's a great way to write.

Music is key, there's always a song to express every mood I'm in. I set my I-pod to songs that fit the mood of the story, and it lets the mind wander and causes bursts of inspirations.

Chocolate is delicious, and you might as well have something yummy and creamy chocolate-y to eat while you write, huh?

Comfy clothes really help you feel comfortable with writing. I'm not ashamed to say that right now, at 12:45, I am still in my pajamas. I shower the night before so I can stay in my fluffy jammies to write, make sure you're in great clothing!

Open windows bring in fresh air, which I really love. My desk sits right next to a window, and the fresh air always makes me feel better.

And my personal hint: a clean room. Messy rooms really bother me, and it blocks the flow.

So how do you write? Every person has a different style, and I'd love to hear it!


The Golden Eagle said...

I like to walk before/after writing. I find it clears up my writer's block, if I have it, and inspires new ideas.

Usually once I have an idea for my story, I churn out around 1000 words, then break, then write some more.

Then I read a book, and if it's terrible, I find my frustrations coming out in TONS of writing--I guess to have access to some *good* writing. ;)

(Kidding. My writing's not that great in the rough . . .)

Milli said...

I write in chunks too:] I like your new layout!

Rachel said...

I normally will find a burst of inspiration, sit down, and write. I'm not used to writing really long things, but when I do, I write it little by little, hoping to eventually finish it. The best time for me to write is when I have time because if there is something else to do, then I he writcarate on tn't concenting. Normally, I will write at night or during the sumemr when I have a lot of time.