Sunday, May 9, 2010


(picture by Onthemove)

So you know how I'm interested in culture and history in other countries, besides the U.S. and Canada? (see my post here)

Wellllll, I decided yesterday that I will be writing a collection of paranormal short stories taking place is countries around the world. Right now, I'm working on a short story taking place in ancient Persia

On my list for short stories are:

Any suggestions? They all include faeries, and I'm thinking about a vampire story. Mermaids? Dragons? What else?


The Golden Eagle said...

How about griffons? I think they're really cool creatures, and they're not over-used.

(Actually, I hardly see them anywhere . . .)

Milli said...

For some reason I'm thinking Pheonix.

Single Winged Butterfly said...

I do NOT think that guy is hot. He's okay for me but not really he looks okay to me. Maybe I need to take a closer look.

Julia said...

If you're speaking of the infamous Edward Cullen, I'm in complete agreement. He seems quite cheesy to me.

India, perhaps?