Sunday, June 20, 2010

Visual Inspiration

This is an idea I found from I Should Be Writing that she got from Steph Bowe. These are visual inspirations for my in-the-process-of-finishing-the-first-draft novel, Song of the Lost. I'll be posting more of these and I got these off


Celtic Traveler said...

Sorry it took me so long, but here are the answers to your questions. Hope they're helpful!

1. Irish gardens and parks look very much like typical European ones, with gates, and stone statues and flowers, trees Ect.
2. Irish parks are pretty relaxed, but not solemn. It's really pleasant, actually.
3. Traditional villages usually still have the thatched houses (they occasionally have festivals for thatching). Usually near cliffs or beaches. Just google images-they’re very accurate.
4. Yes, there are musicians in the parks. They mostly do traditional music on flutes and other traditional Irish instruments.
5. If the village gets tourists, there are a lot of expensively crummy tourist shops. If they don’t get that many, usually there’s traditional craft shops, celtic jewelry shops and bookstores. If near Waterford, sells Waterford crystal. Sometimes sells Aran knitwear.

Brent and Emily, The Naughty Book Kitties said...

LOVELY pictures.