Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Day

I'm so sad that I'm in 8th grade. I mean, I'm top dog, but it doesn't feel good. Wanna know why?
  • My best friends aren't in ANY of my classes
  • The teachers are strict (kind of) and most are forbidding.
  • I have to learn Spanish
  • The kids who ARE in my class are mean and either popular (which means they don't talk to me) or anti-social (which also means they don't talk to me)
And what's weird is, is that 8th grade is supposed to be said as being the "best year" or middle school. I miss 6th and 7th grade.

Also, the classes are much bigger, since teachers got layed-off. Laster year in Business, the class limit was 22 and now it's over 40 per class!
What about Physical Education?
  • 6th grade- we have 5 P.E. teachers
  • 7th grade- we have 3 P.E. teachers
  • 8th grade- we have 2 P.E. teachers
Each of the two teachers have over 50 students each. Crazy!!!! I mean, seriously. It's gotten so bad, that advance Band students have to have their second connections as Band, because they can't go anywhere else in overstuffed classes.

If there are 50 or more people in P.E, we won't even have a chance to play! So I've decided to do a 2nd Orchestra class, to learn new music, play in trios, learn a new instrument, and have wonderful musical opportunities. I can learn to play the cello, along with my viola. See, in 6th grade, I wanted to play cello, but unfortunately, there were too few violas, so out of kindness, I offered to learn viola. And now it's my CHANCE to play cello!!!! So maybe these overstuffed classes has some benefit, on my behalf.

Anyways, relating to writing, I have a super exciting LA teacher, Mrs. Gleason. I nicknamed her "Mrs. Glee-son". I heard that we'd be doing poetry in 8th grade, which I enjoy very much! I just hope Mrs. Gleason doesn't change the way I write. I feel so mean for relating her name to "pig fat". Seriously, I'm so mean. I got my schedule and read Gleason and thought "Hm...sounds like pig fat..." Now I totally take that back ^_^ I think she's...extreme. Her sons are named Grammar and Preposition. Are you kidding? I mean, Grammar can be shortened to Gram, but Preposition??? Poor him!!! "Hey Prep, what's up?" or "Osition, how does it feel to have a LA name?" And their bedrooms are plastered with grammar and writing worksheets. Preposition is only 4!

So yeah. I've gotten a ton of books to read, so I've procrastinated on writing. Want a bit on my second novel? It's about ice, magic, and fighting! Woot, swords and maces! Song of the Lost is still sitting aside, collecting dust.

I feel sad that I don't have much to continue on. I mean, I didn't really have a plot, or anything. I strayed away from the basic point of Clara's pain and journey to healing, to Clara's romantic life and happiness and daily life in Ireland. Maybe I should go back, cut out chunks, and write a BUNCH more to fix all those mistakes. It's a quiet, simple story meant to warm the heart. Not some wild story with intense action, sizzling romance, or a thickly woven plot.

This is too long of a post. I apologize. There's just so much to rant about because I'm so upset. So sad.......I have no friends in my classes (already said this) and it's pitiful that I look forward to going home. School was always the one thing I loved going to, and now it's last on my list. I'm sorry.
OH god.
I am not going to be depressed.
Some self-pitying, low-self-esteem person who can't find joy in life.
Oh my.
I'm scared.
YOU BLOGGERS ARE MY ONLY DEPENDABLE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!! You'll here a lot more from me. ^_^ I'll throw in a few giveaways here to thank you.


Meg said...

I'm so sorry you're having a rough time "/

My eighth grade year was awful. I was pretty much in your very same position. It was tough, but I got through it.

You know you can ALWAYS email me or anything if you need/want to. Us kids with sucky 8th grades gotta stick together :)

Good luck with your book! I totally wanna read it in published form someday!!

OverDose said...

OMG Grammer and Preposition ?!! =0 I dont even wish to imagine what a third one will be called .

Our schools are so different in my country so I cant really make you feel better by telling you my experience.. the first days allways are the worst, I remember my first day of work at 16 while I was changing in the bathroom listening to all my coworkers laughing and chatting and I knew noone and I felt like crying .. but I made friends eventually . Anyway I hope you'll feel better soon , keep us posted on how you're going ! =)

Fiona said...

I'm sorry that 8th grade is starting off so disappointing. I hope you really enjoy the books that you have to read and that you get to play cello :)

The Golden Eagle said...

I hope you get to play the cello! I play the violin, but I always thought the idea of such a large instrument was cool.

Grammar and Preposition?! That's a bit strange . . . but I guess they'll just live with it or get a better nickname. :P

Rose Cunningham said...

First, I'm bummed that I don't have any classes with you or any of my friends either. And my teachers, I think, are a little better than some of yours. I love Spanish actually, but it's probably the teacher. And I agree. Mrs. Gleason is extreme! And you know she was kidding, right? It's really hard to tell though; she should go into acting on the side. My brother said he told her it was Grammar and Verb, so I know she was joking. Anyways, I think 7th was the best year, except lunch in 6th grade! =) And then I know what you mean about school being last. I just want to spend time with you, but I need structure to my day. I feel like my life is missing something right now and I can't figure what it is. As if my goals are a few steps ahead of me and I can't reach them. I keep getting trudged down, like walking down a road in hazzy rain while its storming. I want to just keep going and find the positive, but alas, that is one of my goals. And then I keep trying, or stop and lose my place, sliding back further, downhill, to a dark pit of despair. But then, I need to feel that click. That back on track pace with my goals. That's it. I can feel the gears moving again! Deep, huh. Anyways, I have to do homework now...ugh.

Euphoria13 said...

Aww :(

Hang in there Kirthi!

Middle School was hell for me!

BUT i did manage to have some fun.

My 8th grade year was the best for me though (Long story to that)

my 6th and 7th grade year were no fun though. I was teased, lonely, and i got depressed. Especially my 7th grade year but through that loneliness i created a world and i started to write, thus leading to my discovery of my love for writing and imagining.

I didn't have any real friends in Middle School, but somehow that taught me that sometimes being alone makes you stronger and independent. You'll look back at your years in Middle School and smile.

Trust me! ;)

What i recommend is don't let whatever anyone says to you get under your skin. Because once you do, its hard to get it out. Ignore the stupid and popular kids because that's what they are, STUPID.

Popularity can only last for so long and let me tell you, a lot of the girls who used to say mean crap about me in Middle School (some of them were popular) didn't end up doing so well in life after we graduated and went to High School.

Keep your head held high, believe in your dreams, and never show them that they have gotten to you!

Tiff said...

Hey Kirthi,

Mrs Gleason is the best language teacher ever! She is so much fun!
Wait until you see Grammar and Preposition. They are so cute! I saw Grammar during conference week and he was so adorable!

Don't worry about 8th grade year. Enjoy it before you have to high school and become a freshman.

Spanish is okay. It all depends on the teacher. If you have Senior Verano, then.... well let's just say good luck.



Roma said...

Woah Kirthi. Don't get depressed. Besides that, I laughed so hard at the Ms.Gleason part, did she tell you about squirrel cassarole? Oh, I am going to miss 8th grade. Lol, Ms.Gleason definitely makes L.A. more interesting...You actually get to read books and poetry in her class (which I had been waiting for for all of middle school). She really likes to talk, so don't worry about doing some of your work while shes talking. Trust me, if you don't you might get behind :P What other teachers do you have? I'm really sorry none of your friends are in your classes :( That makes school a lot less worth coming too. Oh my gosh, how can you say learning Spanish is a bad thing? Sure, its a struggle sometimes understanding and comprehending a whole new language, but its a wonderful opportunity to learn about people and culture different from what we have in America, also the food is great. :)

Roma said...

That's more like it :) But I am totally jealous that you get to learn a new instrument. Aside from the violin, the cello would be my next choice too. *Sigh* If only I stayed an extra year...