Monday, September 20, 2010

Tale from Malaysia

Climate change hits different places differently. Here in Malaysia, the usual rainy season was late Oct to late Feb or early March. The dry season is just that, no rain for eight months. But last year, the rainy season didn't stop. In August, there was significant rain every other day or so. The dry season lasted two months. Things are on track to repeat last year's pattern this year. We have had two flash floods in the past two weeks where Istay. The farmers and the market gardeners are hurting between the soggy soil and the lack of sun. On the other hand, the former dry season months are far more comfortable for us humans since the frequent rain and clouds keeps it cooler than it used to be. No one here remembers another year like last, let alone two in a row. Just a reminder that what we--excluding of course the Bushies and those they're fronting for--are in the midst of is much better understood as climate change than global warming, since the changes aren't the same around the globe and in some places it's cooler rather than warmer. Further, climate is already here and getting worse with every passing year. The notion that people will notice a difference in 20-30 years seems to me wildly optimistic since people here are already noticing a change. All of which makes the Bushies' digging in of heels and dragging of feet one more crime against humanity, not to mention the Earth.

GO GREEN! Seriously, please try. This story was written in 2008, that's right.

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Rose said...

Eeka. That's pretty scary. I'm doing my part and hope that many others are...