Monday, September 20, 2010

What do you think?

What comes to mind when you see this picture? What story do you imagine? What and who do you think this girl is?


Blueicegal ♥ said...

Elegance, Mystery and beauty a killer combination!

The Golden Eagle said...

I think of a woman warrior probably wielding a sword outside of the picture.

Rose said...

I think of a girl standing on a cliff who is deciding whether or not to stay true to her family or to her love. She is contemplating what to do with her life and is seeking help from nature. It is cold and a breeze is blowing her hair across her beautiful face. Her lover (a warrior who is fighting against the side her family is on) steps up behind her and breathlessly calls her name. SHe turns swiftly and abruptly, tears running down her face, her weakness showing. As she turns, he has battle wounds scattered about his face. Behind him, hiding behind a bush, her brother emerges, angry and sword in hand. CLIMAX!!!

Ok- possibly I am thinking too much and this comment is super long. So yes, that is my take on it...maybe I should do that with a journal!!! YES! O thanks Kirhti!!! =) I will find randomn pictures, print them out, cut and paste them to a journal and write stories about them in this very manner as an exercise! Thanks! =)

Roma said...

A surreal world. A girl standing (somewhere) contemplating (something) staring off into space (or at her reflection in a pond). She's not depressed, but she's lost need to fight back. Her lips are red, but her eyes emanate nothingness and her skin see though as the freezing wind blowing around her.

Her story is hard to describe. Make it a mystery a bundle of thoughts that unravel and combine into one final comprehending thought or idea.