Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make-Up Excerise

Apparently, my last picture exercise wasn't really popular. Sorry! I understand that it I'm posting a make-up one.

One of the most important bases of a story is the setting. How effectively you can describe that setting is important, how you can weave the setting into the story, the emotions and characters is just as important..
Like "My eyes watered against the tearing wind and mist from the ocean"
"My heart matched the burning feeling of the sun above the metal skyscrapers"

And so on. So describe THIS setting: (Saint Louis Cathedral)

How is the atmosphere? How would you (the character) feel if you walked in the photo? What do you see around you? How can you relate this place to you, the character?


Tarissa said...

Oh my goodness, there is only ONE thing that this photo brings to mind. And that is a dark, foggy, wet evening in London. Sherlock Holmes is on the prowl looking for clues on his current case!

Quinn said...

This is a sad picture (way sadder than the last one). I imagine early morning. A guy has been sitting there all night; well, alternately sitting and pacing, waiting for the girl who's supposed to run away with him. The mist clings to his jacket. He hears a noise and looked up. A shape forms in the fog. But as the mist parts, it's not her and his head drops. He walks over to the bench and picks up his back that he'd set on the ground. Tossing a note on the bench, he sets off. The girl misses him by moments and doesn't see him ahead due to the fog. She sits down to read his farewell, her tears adding to the mist clinging to the bench.

That's what I got.

Quinn said...

That should have read "he picks up his bag" not "his back." Haha

A Pen In Neverland: Angela Peña Dahle said...

Oh my goodness! This is exactly like the scene from one of my WIP's! LOL. Well only the people are missing. Ha ha. I'm saving this pic to my comp.

I love your template and blog title by the way! I so love shades of blue!

What an interesting name you have too!

The Golden Eagle said...

A girl had lost her dog in this one. She's chasing after it, only there's no sign of it, there's no one around for her to ask, and the fog is minimizing what she can see.