Monday, October 4, 2010

Sun And Moon

This is an original composition by me. Lately all you've had are quotes and pictures and poetry, how 'bout some nice fiction. Ohhh, and it's paranormal! Ha ^_^

Sun And Moon- Kirthi

The obsidian building towered high into the thunderous clouds, and was surrounded by a large iron-wrought fence. Erus, a grim and depressing boy for his age, stared at the bleak view before him: This was to be his new home: The Orphanage.

Erus picked anxiously at his raggedy blue sweatshirt. His dark black hair obscured his vision, but gave him a sharper look. The pale skin of his face often made others think that he was dead, maybe a vampire. Maybe he was, no, he most definitely was. Due to the monumental hunger he felt building up inside him like carbon in a soda bottle. Every sense in his body became more acute, and human blood sang beneath luscious skin.

He stood there, for a long moment, waiting for the gate to open. Instead, a girl popped before him. She had thick brown curls and wide, dilated silver eyes, and was tall enough to meet him in the eye.

“Erus” she whispered, pronouncing his name with a lilting tone, “You should not be here. ‘Here Be The Monsters’”

Erus chuckled nervously, not sure whether she was trying a joke on him. A faint smile twitched at the corner of her full lip.

Then Erus became aware of the throbbing blood in her veins. Her heart beat was different…she had two hearts. Pulsing at different tempos, like music. Her blood, from the several feet that separated them, smelled like musky cinnamon.

“I’m a werewolf, in case you’re wondering”, she said, “My name is Ventus”.

Erus thought of how similar it sounded to his. Then:

“If you’re a werewolf, and I’m kind of like a vampire, aren’t you supposed to smell like rotten eggs?” he questioned, aware of how rude he sounded.

She frowned, “Yes, I am. You’re supposed to hate my guts and crinkle your nose at me. But you’re different…the prophecy might be right…” Her eyes were glazy in thought as her voice trailed off. Then she said, “How do I smell to you?”

“Cinnamon. A really warm cinnamon” He replied immediately, pleasantly surprised at the blush that coloured her ivory cheeks. “Hey, what’s this prophecy about? Prophecies are so overrated, it’s probably stupid”

“No, it’s not. It’s real. You’re supposed to hate me, and me to you.; As is the common rivalry between our two species. But there is two be a boy and a girl of the rival species that’s to…how do I say this properly?....rule over both species? I mean, there are many vampire lords and werewolf pack leaders, but the two of us are to…bring them all together. Do you get where I’m getting at with this?”

Erus comprehended every word, but was still admiring her Irish accent. He wanted her to talk more, so that he could eat her words.

Suddenly, at the thought of ‘eating’ he gasped. Erus hadn’t been aware of his hunger that had suddenly gone down dramatically, “I’m not hungry anymore! Aren’t I supposed to be craving your blood, make out with you passionately, then agonize over the delicious aroma of your blood, then run away for your own good because I love you?”

She chuckled, “Ha. I never knew guys read Twilight. But no, you don’t feel hungry around me because you’re not supposed to. I balance you out, in a matter of speaking. Like the sun and the moon, two opposites that harmonize to bring balance and order”.

“You really had this speech planned out, huh?”

Ventus smiled, “Yeah” she said sarcastically, “But instead of waiting out here, I’ll show you inside the Orphanage. It’s like a school I guess, to train you. You’ll love it. They all want you dead, I do too"

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Roland D. Yeomans said...

Since Erus is a reader, he should remember how well things worked out for the two lovers of rival clans in ROMEO AND JULIET.

Great evocative writing, Roland

The Golden Eagle said...

I love it!

Rachael Harrie said...

Ooh, love it. Specially the "balance each other out" part, great line! Damn, I hate just reading the start and never knowing how it ends... ;)