Monday, November 8, 2010

More Happier Pictures ^_^

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Roma said...

Aww, the glass picture is cute XD but Kirthi! I can't believe your should be "Happier Pictures"..not more happier (that's really bad grammer!) Haha, honestly I don't really care, I'm just being a grammer Nazi XD

LTM said...

love it--that second picture looks like Sissy Spacek to me! :D The dolphin one looks very 50s~ ;o)

Quinn said...

Not sure I'm feeling your happy pics as much as your sad pics. Maybe I'm just more in tune with sadness, so those pics get to me.

I like the quote on the first pic, but the girl doesn't really match with what it's saying -- she's not really smiling.

Verenda Harrt said...

I love your blog! And the photos you take. They are really beautiful.

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Julia said...

@Roma 's grammAr. :)