Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On these days

It's so wet
a wonderful wet world
December winds tossing around
these lonely raindrops
those few solitary leaves
And I know for sure
that this is the world
this is the wonderful wet world
I want to be!
When the sun is hidden
behind gray-blue clouds
so big and dull it may seem
but to my sharp eyes
I see such brightness and promise
and it's hard to believe
that it's sunny anywhere else!
When this wonderful wet world
is all I want to be!

Inside, it's so warm
but so cold to me
I yearn to be free

and my heart jumps every time
December winds splash the wet
on my windows and call to me

so young I am
so naive to possibly want
a wonderful wet world
like this one outside right now
this cold, brewing glass storm
and I just want to bottle it all up
to save for when I'm down
for this wonderful wet world
makes me soar to the clouds
and dance on the wind
and kiss every drop that falls!

When the bright darkens
the wet gleams under lamp lights
for it makes me sad to think
that my wonderful wet world
might just be gone the next day
for what could be better than
a wonderful wet world?