Sunday, January 9, 2011


After so many posts on failure, I finally succeed! I sat down today and wrote three more pages to my novel. Yeah, three isn't that much is it? But hey, it's three well-written pages that I wrote while sitting down, listening to foreign music, and typing. I'm. So. Happy. HOPE, my friends, HAS COME!

And some pictures that describe this moment:


This is all because I saved all your comments on sticky notes (Windows 2007) to my computer. So every time I logged in, the entire screen with multicoloured support. I love you all!


Quinn said...

So, I love your new blog layout. I've totally been missing out. For some reason, your posts haven't been showing up in my reader on my phone. I'm here today cause I went searching for you. Sorry I've been missing your posts.

Anyway, congrats on the 3 pages! And good luck writing more!

LTM said...

awesome!!! Congratulations and keep writing! Think of Dorie--just keep swimming...

and I love that R+J photo. lurv~

Roma said...

Congrats! It's nice to feel accomplished every once in awhile! :) That's a really smart idea, the sticky notes of encouragement. Lol, nice pictures, why of romeo kissing juliet? I hope you realized that story doesn't end well XD Lol, but besides being a pessimest, I do understand the joy you feel! I'm actually writing a story too. Yay for me. It's been interesting, but I've finally got like a bunch of stuff, that I HANDWROTE (they were a pain) but hopefully, when I type them up, I can find genius enough somewhere to get my story going! Mutual support I think will work very well here :)Lol, also Kirthi, I have a new blog, I want you to come visit it. I'll send you the link in a separate email, but please tell me what you think.

Good luck, and the best of wishes for you story! If/When you complete it, I would love to read it!