Friday, February 11, 2011


Thank you all for your support in my last post (which I deleted) I wrote that post in a fit of anger (in which I tend to do foolish things) but I was wrong about my mom. She's really really good, and the best, but just doesn't show it very well. And now I'm going to patch up my relationship with her.

 Which is both good and bad. She's right when she told me that I spend too much time of the computer. I seriously do, I read so much online and chat and do all these things and I ignored her. So I won't be posting often, but I will still blog! Because really, I can't give up blogging. Nope, I promise you I won't!

 Ah, yes. I'll still post pictures and I'll still post poems. Speaking of which..........I need to post my own writing some time! But they won't be moody and depressing, okay? Because you deserve to be happy!

 So I'm very sorry. I'm so so so so so sorry that I've neglected you guys, and I know it isn't enough. Because I love and appreciate you so much, and ahhhhhh, I'm GOING TO BE BETTER!!!!!!!!

Aren't they the  cutest birds? Can you imagine what they're saying?


Mrs. DeRaps said...

No apologies necessary, Kirthi. Just want you to be happy and at peace...As much as possible. Glad to hear that your mom is so supportive!

Roma said...

So I'm not sure what happened with you and your mom, but I'm glad things are working out better now. Also, give your mother credit no matter what, they really do love and support you, even if you don't realize it (I'm kinda learning that the hard way...). Also, respect what she has to say, because its cliche but she is an adult, and one who cares about you and has your best interests at heart. Again, it's kinda of hard to see at first, because I remember when I didn't believe in that stuff, but sadly, I learned the hard way that as cliche and annoying as it may be, its really true.