Saturday, February 26, 2011

My forest

(photo credit: Leszek Bujnowski)

 peek into my forest
you'll see that it's the worst
dark black mist and horrid skies
black grass and heavy mist
a word for the wise:
do not come here

but you'll notice that there's a light
somewhere deep in that forest of mine
where the sun glows in the night
and shines even brighter in the day
it's that man I've never met
with a smile that has the most strongest shine
of those I've ever met
who never fails to make me happy and give me hope
somewhere in that forest of mine
is the hope of that guy


Melissa said...

You've managed to create a poem that is spooky and creepy and hopeful all at the same time. Very well done. You really captured the essence in the picture (did you see it and then right the poem?)

Julia said...


don't mean to be judgmental at all, but I hope that a boy is not your only source of happiness. there is a light inside you; you were the one who lit it.

Sarah Lydia said...

beautiful poem, Kirthi

Roma said...

This is an awesome poem, Kirthi, and I completely agree with Melissa's comment, though Julia I think the poem is more about her dream guy, than a guy that rules her heart. :)