Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pro's and Cons of this week

My Week (last week)- made into a chart:
  • I found some pretty awesome videos on youtube
  • I made it on the Science Olympiad State team
  • I actually understand my math unit, so hopefully, I'm not going to fail!
  • I accidently threw my i-pod in the washer and it was totally destroyed with twisted metal and all
  • My I-home system that works as my I-pod speakers and my alarm clock somehow broke yesterday (during the storm?)
  • I didn't make it into my top magnet school (I got into the other two)
My Cons trump my Pros.
For now, evil wins, but "just you wait" ^_^ GOOD WILL WIN EVENTUALLY! ~fist in the air~

One of my fav. pics this week, from my favourite childhood book:


The Golden Eagle said...

I hope things turn around for you!

I love the picture!

Roma said...

Things will get better! I made state too, so I will get to see you hopefully more than I have been before :)

P.S. Campbell all the way! :D

Julia said...

there's probably a lot of stuff on that good list you're forgetting. <3

feel free to shoot me an email any time; I'm here. haven't quite had the initiative to send anyone email lately, am in full gear for APs in May. :( so stressful.

Tiff said...

Congrats on the Science Olympiad!

Where is it going to be?
What events are you doing?

Sadly, Lassiter doesn't have a High School Science Olympiad.

Good will win!