Sunday, November 13, 2011

Writing in the Present Tense

Though I'm not participating in NaNoWriMo, I am taking advantage of their awesome tools and help to apply it to my own writing. I was asked to think of one of my favourite books, and I just picked Delirium out of my mind and pasted it in. Then I was asked to think about using that POV. It was in the present tense.

I think that was the reason why I found it so good. The third person omniscient (writing for all characters, not for just one) is what I'm really hoping for. It's a tool that helps very much with characterisation and getting in deph with them. On my book reviews, I stress the importance of characters, so if writing in the third person omniscient  will help me achieve the maximum characterisation potential, then I'll use it.

Plus, there's some sort of magical feeling around reading in present tense. Books have been used to being written in the past tense.

"She wore her ring and looked into her husband's eyes with a look of pure love. He returned her gaze and knew that she was the one"

compared to:

"She wears the ring and looks into her husband's eyes with a look of pure love. He returns her gaze and knows that she is the one"

It's as if you are in the place of the character at the exact moment, instead of visiting the past of that one character. Am I making any sense?

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