Thursday, July 26, 2012

new blog: please follow!

Hi readers!
  I'm sad to say goodbye to this blog, that's been lying dormant for quite awhile, but I'm thrilled to introduce a  new one.

But why?! This blog is so beautiful and fun!

I know, I know :D The reason is that I want a fresh start. Some authors blog about their writing experience and journey into getting published, so I want this new blog to be about that, and not just a picture/poetry/story blog.

So where is this new blog?

I'm getting a new design for it, so I wanted to wait until then to have a grand opening, but it seems to be taking a while, so I've decided to introduce it to you all now! You're totally allowed to unfollow me now, and journey over to this new blog. I'd really appreciate it!


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