Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love Poems 1

I got this idea one day, when I thought about all those books where the guys are in love with their friends sister and vise versa. Enjoy

Being around you
used to annoy me
You would always
tag along with
my friends and I
Can I play too?
You would beg
and I would say
No, you're
too little
You would scowl
and stomp away
tiny fingers in a fist

Now you've changed
your usually scraggly
hair is now dark
and luminous.
You angry green eyes
are now
tiny bright orbs
gentle and kind.
Your smile is beautiful.
I guess it has always
been like that.
I was just too blind
to see you.
The real you.

A feeling sprouts
in my heart.
Your now with
all your girls
having fun and
talking about boys
you like.
I wonder if you are
talking about me.

Is it too late
to apologize?
Have I lost you?
Is it too late
to tell you
that I might
that I could
actually love you?

You look up at me
as I approach you

I ask forgiveness.
You smile
so heart breaking and lovely
and say
You were forgiven all along.
And you wrap your arms
around me
in a hug.
My hear sings
And I tremble with happiness
I love you


Amanda-Lee said...

awww...i love this!!! made me cry...ive written a short story about this subject...ill have to find and post it...

Kirthi said...

Thank you! I didn't know it'd have that effect on people :)

Marianne said...

so sweet!