Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The start to my version of Mr. Linden's Library

Mr. Linden’s Library

Macy Gardner strolled down the empty roads, her book bag in one hand, and a slip of paper in the other. On that slip was the directions to a mysterious library that Caroline recommended to her saying, “It’s dusty and old, just the way you like it”.

She turned around the corner to a tiny abandoned, errie building. From the outside, it appeared to be a small cottage, warm and cozy. One would mistake it for a house, but as Macy approached the “library” there was a sign. Scrawled with un-legible handwriting, it said “Mr. Linden’s Library”.

Linden! thought Macy, Isn’t that Caroline’s uncle’s name? Curious, Macy strode in and rapped at the door, having unable to find a doorbell on the ancient house. After several moments, an old man answered.

“Yes?” he croaked, peeking out the narrow sliver of the door he had opened. Thick round glasses rested on the crook of his nose, threatening to fall off any minute.

“I’ve come to-to visit the library? Is this it?” she asked hesitantly, not reassured by the sign in the lawn

“Ahh” sighed the man Macy guessed was Mr. Linden, “Pleased to meet you! I haven’t had a visitor in ages!” She leaned in to listen to him for he had such an intriguing authentic Irish accent.

The man pulled the door wide open, “Come on in! Make yourself at home, please do! I’m Mr. Linden, you may call me Liam if you wish”

Macy stepped in and was blasted by a warm scent of paper and cookies. The house was indeed a library; the living room was decorated with bookshelves every which way, each bookshelf was crammed with books. The carpet on the floor was terracotta, with oranges and yellows. It was incredibly welcoming. “Please”, said Liam Linden, “Enjoy yourself! You may borrow any book you like, and if you want any tea just call” Mr. Linden then hopped away into the vast sea of books.

Macy examined each book with the greatest care. Their spines were leather, and on some, the covers were hand painted. On one particular book, titled Complete Treasury of Greek Myths, the cover was so richly colored that it seemed as if it were real. She gently slid the book in her book bag, and continued her search. The other books were quite exquisite, but none caught her eye.

Macy then noticed a book, a certain book that stood out from the others. It was golden, the cover was slathered in gold leaf paper, and in the center were two gems, one black and one white. There was a gold lock that was loose and open, around it were glossy green vines, wrapping around the entire book. It was absolutely gorgeous. She flipped through the book only to find the pages beautifully illustrated. It was a book…a book about a boy. The first page had a picture of a boy, lanky, thin and handsome. He had dark hair and even darker eyes, and his skin was lightly tanned. He had a sword tucked in his belt and he looked scary, his pose crouched and tense. Macy was embarrassed when she realized she liked this fictional character already, without reading a single word. With greatest care she fastened the book shut and rushed to Liam’s desk to check them out.

He was slouched in his armchair, reading what seemed to be a War book. Macy cleared her throat loudly. Mr. Linden leaped, “Oh! You scared me for a moment…Miss?”

“Macy”, said Macy.

“Miss Macy! Lovely name. So what books have you gotten here?” inquired he. Macy heaved her two books on the counter. Mr. Linden scribbled the title of the Greek Myth’s book on a long list along with Macy’s name. He turned to the next book, of which had no title. He stiffened immediately, “Where did you find this?” he said coldly, all warmth vanished.

“It was on the bookshelf, the second one to be precise.” Macy said nervously.

Liam shook, “On the shelf…” he muttered, “Mind of its own….not possible….locked it up....” He talked to himself quietly; Macy supposed that it must have been a result from living alone.

“I can’t stop you from getting this, once the book chooses then its final”, said Mr. Linden finally, looking thoroughly worried, “Be careful, it’s dangerous” he warned.

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