Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Venting My anger and how my new story idea came about!

I have a very unsupportive group in Language Arts for our Fictional Narrative. How long I've waited to get a chance to write fiction in school, and how quickly it is destroyed.
I was paired up with 3 other girls, Nichole (a snappy red-haired girl), Madison (the girl who hates my personality and who happens to be the principals daughter) and Chloe (yay! So glad I have one person who agree's A LITTLE with me). We were paired together because we all chose the same prompt, Mr. Linden's Library.
We were shown the picture (to the left) and given these few words
"He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late."

We were brainstorming a few days ago about the picture.
"Why don't we make it a MAGICAL book? Then the vines will wrap around and take her to a magical world! Almost like Narnia, or Inkheart. You know?"

Madison: "Magical? Kirthi, that is so third grade, no it's not magical!"
Nichole: "Kirthi? Magical? No"
Chloe: nothing
Kirthi: "Then how do you explain the VINES pouring out of a book? It has to be magic! Or it could be----"
Madison (interupting) "Shut up Kirthi! No! We're not doing Magic!"
Kirthi: "How else can vines be coming out of a book? Science? Fine, there's a little micro-ship planted in the book that---"
Kirthi is given the boy she's retarded look from the rest of her group.
Nichole: "Shut up Kirthi!"
Kirthi: "But it HAS to magical! That's the only way!"
Madison: "Kirthi shut up! The next time I hear you say 'magical'...."
Kirthi gets in to a detailed arguement...

Kirthi: "Fine then, what do YOU suggest?" (she's obviously pissed at her group for not letting her creativity soar"
The group decides on non-magical book with vines popping out, without explaining to me HOW! HOW CAN A BOOK WITH VINES POPPING OUT NOT BE SCI-FI OR FICTION?!?!? This is a frickin' fictional narrative! It's ALLOWED to be magical!

Madison: "How about we make the girl read the book, fall asleep, then dream bad things happening. Then she wakes up and all of it is happening in the real world!"
Kirthi: "Like Jumangi? You can't blame me for thinking of Narnia now, can you?"
Nichole/Madison: "SHUT UP KIRTHI!"
Kirthi: "Fine then. Go ahead. Don't take my input as a member of this group and GO AHEAD!"
Madison, checking our requirement sheet "Okay we need a time and place"
Kirthi: "How about 2012? In New York?"
Madison: "Kirthi, no."
The group decides on 1984, England.

Later, when deciding on a character's name...
Madison: "How about Maggie?"
Nichole/Chloe: "Okay"
Kirthi: "Nah, the girl doesn't look like a Maggie. Maggie's are like...curly red-haired. I would think.. Evya Gardner!"
Is glared at by Nichole and Madison "Shut up, Kirthi, it's Maggie"

Last names...
Madison: something...I forget..
Nichole: "Carter"
Chloe: "Oh! ____"
Kirthi: "Steifvater" (thinking of Maggie Steifvater, author of Lament)
Nichole/Madison: "Kirthi? That sounds Russian! No way!"
Kirthi: "It's a creative name!"
The group decides on Maggie-Carter ___forgot..___

Today in computer lab.....
Kirthi: "Madison, you need a comma here, and here"
Madison: "Okay"
Nichole tells Madison what to write.
Kirthi: "It is? Change it to it's"
Madison, glaring with hatred and raising her eyebrows above her hairline, "Noo, Kirthi! It doesn't matter! This is a rough draft!!!"
Kirthi: "Why not change the mistakes now and save ourselves work lat---?"
Is interrupted by Nichole, "Kirthi, shut uuup!"

I then lose my anger and sit away, feeling like crying at my group's disrespect. Meanwhile they go ahead and write away in in-correct grammar and bad spelling. I try to tell them my ideas, and yes you guessed it: SHUT UP KIRTHI!!!

Anyway, I've decided that I'll be posting MY totally creative original-idea version of Mr. Linden's Library. Hope you enjoy it!

Good news, turns out that Nichole and I have a lot in common. Apparently Madison was the angry one today, and I got to type. Boy were they amazed that I could type so fast. The story's taking a good turn.


Priya said...

omg, that is sooo sad! I completely agree with all of your ideas- magic is best!- and I love your NY setting and everything. I would probably be making all those bookish references too, if I had that assignment. (But I was kind of thinking about Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst rather than Inkheart). And I love correcting grammar too :) Don't listen to those girls. I can't wait to read your version!

Kirthi said...

thank you! Someone understands! I haven't read Into the Wild yet..it sounds a little like the Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley.
Magic IS the best :)

I'll have my version up soon. thanks for your support Priya

Grace said...

I feel your pain Kirthi. I'm doing Mr. Lindens Library too. I was brainstorming ideas all weekend, bit my ideas where shunned a little(not as much as you) too.
I also love your story above so far. Kinda what I was thinking but much better than me.

Kirthi said...

haha, good luck Grace, and thanks :)

Iryna said...

He-he. I don't mean to be rude, but your blog post was hilarious! That could be a story all on its on!!

Good luck!

Kirthi said...

You're right, it does seem a little funny now that I look at it. Thanks Iryna!