Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yellow Moon

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've been "busy". Here's a poem I made on the night of November 3, when the moon outside was yellow.

The midnight sky
is painted in navy blue
a full yellow moon
shines an eerie hue
upon my eager eye
and then I think of you
Far away
looking up high
at the very same moon
at the very same sky
with me

Here's another poem I made on the night of November 3

I look up to the stars
shining lanterns in the sky
so ancient and old
Far away they go
Beyond the moon, beyond Mars
And I wonder why
for I was never told

Across the sky they row
in the midnight sea
like lost sailors
with lanterns in their hands.


Amanda-Lee said...

omg i loved the first one...
it reminds me of what i told someone once...

and the second was awesome,

Kirthi said...

thank you, I think it lacks something.....and the first one also reminds me of something I read....