Saturday, November 7, 2009

In a hole

Happy tunes
I can no longer hum
Joyful songs
I can no longer sing
My sorrow is endless
like the desert dunes

I am trapped in a hole
with no way out
I cannot see the light
as many times as I shout
my life isn't right
her in this hole
I want to be free
yet it cannot be.

So many memories of you haunt me
I cry for you each day
Your smiling face
and kind loving eyes
used to make my day.

But now you are gone
and I wallow and mourn
It is so hard to move on
My heart will never be the same
My soul is shattered
but I know that
you love me still
I know that you
are watching me
from above.


Amanda-Lee said...

omg i love it...its so sad though...

oh and btw my url has changed...and i think i lost all of my followers the new url is

Kirthi said...

thank you!

I like the new title. Yea, I tried to find your old blog and it said "not found". I'll get the new URL