Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Music and Soul

I want to mention how awesome and supportive my followers have been, I have a tiny giveaway coming up soon :D

I noticed recently how big of a role music plays in my life, so I dedicated a few poems to music. Soul is closely linked the music, so I have a few on that! Enjoy :D I want to mention that my favorite music is Celtic/ New Age and Enya is my most favorite solo artist and singer!

Broken Soul
Everyone has a soul
no matter how
sinned they are
weak and waiting
waiting to be healed.

Music is the soul
to sing and listen
is to release
to purify
to atone
Your heart, the beat
Your voice, the melody
Your soul, the reason.

Musical Art
Music is the purest art
a thousand paintings
each unique
to the ear
visual and audible
music is life.

Quote I Wrote
"Listen to the instruments and sound behind the vocals. Only then will you truly understand the song"

Please don't plagiarize or copy my poems! The picture is from here. Thanks for reading :)


Milli said...

Great post, Kirthi! I wish I could write poems that are acually good:]
By the way, I love that quote!! It's so awesome!


Single Winged Butterfly said...

I love Enya! So anyways I like the poetry Musical art.

Celtic Traveler said...

ALL the poems were amazing, ecspecially the last one. And Enya has to be the greatest.