Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rant on Celtic Women

I dislike Celtic Women (strongly, STRONGLY dislike Celtic Women). You want to know why? Because the copy wonderful amazing songs, and then destroy it with their too-high voices! I love Enya and Moya Brennan's music (Clannad) because they are awesome, and so wonderfully peaceful and uplifting, and mysterious. I LOVE their music! But then Celtic Women come along and copy it and try to make it their own. Examples?

Clannad's Newgrange

Celtic Women's Newgrange

And the winner is Clannad!

Another Example:
Enya- Orinoco Flow (the song that introduced her to worldwide fame! The song she originally sung! HER SONG)

Celtic Woman- Orinoco Flow (copy cats! Even though other people copied this, I still don't like Celtic Woman)

More examples!

Celtic Women- Come All Ye Faithful
Enya- Adeste Fidelis

Clannad: Siúil A Rún
Celtic Woman: Siúil A Rún

Enya- Silent Night (Oiche Chiun)
Celtic Woman- Silent Night

Enya sings in gaelic and latin, whereas "Celtic" woman sing in English. If you were truly Celtic, wouldn't you sing in your home language? I know that most of these songs are traditional Celtic songs, but I just want to say I don't like Celtic Woman. Their voices are too high, they all sound the same. Enya is all-around, she can sing low, deep, high, super high, and everything! She uses her voice as an "instrument" (interview with enya) and she IS her own choir, she plays all the instrumentals and vocals whereas Celtic Woman, or should I say, Celtic Women, need each other (most of the time) and they need a band/orchestra to play with them. Not independent ENYA!

Anyway, I've loved Enya ever since I was little, she inspired me to become who I am today. Why do you like/dislike Enya? Or Clannad...or Celtic Woman!


Celtic Traveler said...

FINALLY! Someone who thinks as I do! Okay, I admit, I like 3 songs, but overall they're too phony for me. Enya all the way!

Maya Ganesan said...

Kirthi - actually, Celtic Woman is supposed to be a group that combines Celtic traditions with the success of pop groups like Spice Girls and the Pussycat Dolls. It's meant to introduce the American listening audience to Celtic music without it being too overboard. Also, Celtic Woman does mostly covers of other songs (singing others' songs) and has cited Enya and Clannad as influences and idols. I'm not a fan of any of the artists...don't really care much for Celtic music and haven't been interested much, but I just did a little research and I do know this info as facts.