Sunday, March 7, 2010

Death: A Bad Dream

Last night I had a terrible dream. It was horrbile! I had hemophilia, but in my dream, hemophilia meant my joints ached and I was bleeding and dying in the inside. I had no idea what hemophilia was, I just sort of remembered hearing it somewhere. When I researched this morning, I was shocked to find that I was right! Hemophilia is incurable, and a result can be bleeding. Here's my horrible dream!__________________________________________________________________
I had an illness, hemophilia, and I couldn't be cured. I was slowly dying from the inside, my limbs and muscles were sore, they ached so much!
My friends and family came to see me. I was writing my Will and Dad was crying while I did. One night (in my dream) I was afraid of going to sleep, fearing I would never wake up, so I stayed awake.
I felt myself dying, and suddenly realized I never told my parents and brother that I loved them. I called them over and told them that I did and hugged them. I knew after that, I could die peacefully. And then I waited, waited for my death.
My body and mind felt wasted. I tried to get up, I tried to prove how healthy I was. I tried to fight the hemophilia. I wanted to live too badly.
I felt energetic and happy for a few moments, but then my hurting limbs sharply jabbed my insides. No! "I'm healthy, I will live!"
My friends and family cried and watched in horror. My will to live was strong, but the hemophilia was stronger. I was laid back into my sick bed, weak. My eyelids were heavy, and I felt woozy. I said "I love you" to everyone, and my last words before I fell asleep forever was "Goodbye"

This was a really scary dream, it felt so real, and I felt so scared, like I was really dying. I'm glad you could read this, and if anyone out there knows what this dream means, please tell me!

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Milli said...

Wow, that's scary. Hemophilia sounds terrible!