Monday, April 5, 2010


I really want to be an elf. It's the dream that will never be. Like one of those elves in Lord of the Rings, or the elves in Eragon, those types of elves. Here's a poem I wrote:
Tree's leaning over rivers
roots deep in murky water
obscure and mysterious
stone path
cut through wilow
faint and ancient
from a long time
They walked the Earth
those fair beings
of gentle and
long limbs
One with nature
they lived
and they still do
in busy streets
smog and loud
screaming of city
they live in mistery
Once long ago they
were happy
Once long ago,
they ruled the world.


Don't you want to be an elf? I want to be an elf, one of those from Lord of the Rings.


The Golden Eagle said...

Being an elf would be nice! I'd rather be an elf from The Inheritance Cycle rather than LOTR, if I had to choose though.

Tiff said...

Great poem!
I love how you used figerative language in your poem which is essential!
I would love to be an elf.
A downside would be that you are immortal. Friends will move on in life without you. Not that I would!

p.s. do you know what TPCASTT is now?

Rose Cunningham said...

Nice poem! I don't know much about elves, but from what you say, I think it would be cool to be an elf! I can see you wanting to from the whole nature thing!