Thursday, May 20, 2010

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I'm on a ROLL! Teen Ink is awesome, I swear. Now, I've been posting about how I've been teased at school (I think I've been posting) but it's happening. It's not because I'm ugly, because we all know that I'm so not ugly, I'm beautiful!

Anyways.....that was off topic...!! So would you like to read my article and vote?

Bullied for loving the environment


Rowena said...

Wow, what an eye opening article. I don't think you should be ashamed for being apart of Greenpeace and I think that the research you're doing and just being aware of everything is pretty admirable.

Kids can be pretty brutal and it sucks that you have to deal with them at school.

If it's any consolation, you've opened my eyes as I was pretty ignorant of all of these issues before but I'll be more aware of doing my part to go green and help our earth!

Great job on the article!

Milli said...

Great job on the article. It was very inspiring.

Euphoria13 said...

I am...Amazed! You're 13 and you wrote...THAT??

Holy Jesus! Dude, you have some really good talent! Reading your article, i felt that i could feel the pain that you have due to the ignorant classmates you have. Don't let them get to you Kirthi! Keep standting strong in what you believe in! I may not know you but i feel that you are way above the average level of intelligence among your classmates. I'm not saying that you should boast about that but you should feel proud in a way, you are DIFFERENT! You have your own belief's! Your article flows so well! It really paints out your thoughts and pain. Keep writing! Don't stop! And believe in yourself! Forget the other kids! Because they will remember you, when you reach to the top of your dream and goals. Believe me, they will REMEMBER YOU.

Oh, i also have an award for you on my blog :)