Wednesday, May 19, 2010


They see squiggles and lines, but I see the world

In my art class, I draw more...wildly and creaitvely, thinking outside the box and paint images that make the mind wander and think. Ever since the first day, I've been teased about my artwork. The words have always been hurtful, and it made going to Art kind of bad. The people at my table targeted me all the time, no one else but me and this other kid. They laughed and made up horrible stories about me and my artwork, all in front of my face. Sometimes I argued back, and sometimes I stayed quiet, not wanting to make a big deal. I'd say weird, small, emotional quotes that were so emotional that it occasionally shut them up, but still, I knew I was disliked.

Recently, on the water-colored background of my self-portrait, I drew thick brown lines with no branches or leaves. I layered light green over and over, creating blurry texture. behind them It was beautiful, to my eyes but my "friends" laughed at it and said it was "lines, not trees" They brought up a clay failure I made with mixing wrong colored glaze weeks ago, and that ticked me off.

I was silent the entire time, ignoring them, and I thought that they had not as much imagination or creativity as I have. They couldn't see what I could see. They couldn't see the world, the hidden depth, or the meaning in art. They were blind, and I pitied them.