Thursday, May 27, 2010

Deadlines: Like it or not?

I've heard from some authors that writing professionally involves a lot of deadlines. I, personally, am on both sides.

I'm a whole brain-er, which means I can learn and work equally with both of the hemispheres of my brain, whereas most people are left brain-ers. How do I know? I took a test. So that means I can work under both conditions.

For projects and homework assignmnets, I work better under pressure and get things done nice and quick.

But when it comes to writing, I take it slow and only write when inspiration and motivation kicks in, or when I have nothing else to do. I'm kind of like the leisurely, relaxed Irish people.

When my idol, Enya, signed her music contract with Warner Bros, she made sure it said that she would have no deadlines to when she had to submit her music, which I think is awesome.

I have this feeling, however, that the Publishing and writing world doesn't work like that.

I'm feeling in between, I like deadlines on lots of things, but I'm not sure I like deadlines on writing. I'm sort of half-half.

So what do you think? Do you like deadlines or not?


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Sorry,the publishing world doens't!
I'm okay with it. I actually do better with deadlines. I don't procrastinate.
And good for Enya!

Wings said...

hmm, i haven't really thought about writing to a deadline thus far.

If i were a full time writer then yeah writing to a deadline wouldn't bother me, but the way i work now I have a full time job night school and a crappy social life to maintain. writing gets pushed to the back burner alot.

so if i were writing to a deadline with my current schedule, it would be extremely stressful.

The Golden Eagle said...

I say that there should be deadlines, but only as long as they're spread out and easy to work with. Nothing like a "I need 200 pages edited in one week!" or a anything.

Milli said...

I don't know what it is like for a professional author. But being my non-pro self, I hate dealines but know that I need them. Deadlines would probably make me rush, freak out, and turn me into a nutcase. But without one, it would take me 10 years to finish a book:D

Rose Cunningham said...

I kind of like deadlines, but I guess I'm halfway as well. I like to have it be done and move on, but on writing....I don't know. It's more personal than say, a school project, so I don't think I like writing deadlines.

Tarissa said...

Hi Kirthi,

Thanks for visiting my blog & following. :~)
I'm going to follow all 3 of your blogs..I find them immensely interesting and will be reading your posts.

For me, I say that I sometimes like deadlines - because it makes me get my work done. Other times, I don't like deadlines if I'm running out of time and still don't know what to write! That's just a thought from an amateur writer.

Well... I'm off to go check out your other blogs. Nice "meeting" you!

~ Tarissa