Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Soldiers are like pawns in a game of chess
They protect what's important
They protect the people and the government
Without pawns, one is more likely to lose a game of chess.
Pawns, our soldiers, are like the basic foundations in which a country needs to stand upon.
So victory to our troops!

They might fight for honor, or for the love of their country, but it all comes down to fighting for the solider and friend standing beside them.

I just wish that people can put down their guns, and just come to their senses and stop fighting. I wish that those soldiers out there can come home and spend their lives with their family, and not on some violent, godforsaken war that's going nowhere, don't you agree?


The Golden Eagle said...

I definitely agree. It always seems like there's a constant war somewhere in the world, and that peace is horribly unlikely.

But even so, it's possible to have a peaceful, united world; at least I think it's possible.

Celtic Traveler said...

Unfortunately, there will always be a battlefield.

Bless the brave soldiers sacrificing so much for us.

Milli said...

Happy Memorial day! And bless the brave soldiers who sacrificed。

Rose Cunningham said...

Yes, I do agree. It is an unfortunate situation, that soldiers are in, however we are so lucky to have them to protect us. Cool post.

2 days!!!........=)