Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clannad + Moya + Enya

I now accept that I have an obsession with Irish music. It's the only country that has a musical instrument (the harp) as it's emblem. I mean, really! That just shows how awesome it is!
So you know I love Enya's music, well her whole family is musical. Her mom is a music teacher, her brothers are in the family band along with their dad and sister, Moya Brennan.
Clannad, meaning "family", is a great band.

Theme from Harry's Game:I personally love the voice of the brothers, so deep and resonating, I find that Moya always gets the main parts, but this song (below) brings out the masculine voice!

Enya used to be part of the band, but then she quit and started her solo career. Wow, I feel like such a stalker! I've been researching all about Clannad and Enya because when I listen to music, I like to know the background of the singer too.
This might sound obsessive, as if you're not already convinced of my Irish-enya-music-obsession, but I plan to send Enya a letter plus a copy of my book, if it gets published. Really, music inspired me to write my book taking place in Ireland. Hehe.

Enya sits on the chair where Moya sits.

And this completes my fan-crazed-obsession/love-post

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