Friday, June 4, 2010

Discovering Ireland.

I'm introducing my characters to a made-up Irish village. I'm taking them to an Irish park, where my youngest 4-year-old character can meet other children his age. I'm researching a lot, internet and books, but I can't find much on social interactions of the Irish, or a typical traditional Irish park, there's so many modern stuff in my research, no traditional.

So far the sites that have provided me with most of my information are Travel sites like Authentic Ireland Travel.

Do you live in Ireland, of have you visited Ireland, or have a friend who might have any info that might help me?

I've recently been asking for SO much help from bloggers, I feel so horribly guilty! I mean, I can do this myself! I can research and all, and spend days researching, which I love, but help is always welcome!

Thanks so much for helping me with everything ,really! I'm amazed at all the e-mails and help I get from you guys :D


Celtic Traveler said...

If you have any questions about Ireland, ask me.

I'm pretty much the Celtic expert, so everyone asks me anyway.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Hope you find more people who can help!

Celtic Traveler said...

OhMygosh, thanks so much for following:)

As for the e-mail, I actually don't have one (I'm SO old-fashioned) So just post a comment I guess.