Monday, June 7, 2010

To-Do + Hearing Issues!

I found that list of off Milli's blog Home, and I love it. I think I'll be able to do all of that except #4. I never told my parents that I love them, I may have said "I tease you, but my teasing is only a way of saying I love you" to my Dad, but that doesn't count. I love them, don't get me wrong, but I'm a shy person when it comes to family, so I've never said "I love you" straight out to their face.

I've always had hearing problems. 2 years ago, when I got my first I-pod, My ears used to buzz and ring when I listened too long with the earbuds in my ears. Now it's gone to the extreme.
My ears are itchy and it HURTS! I could practically FEEL (with my ear) and hear the vibrations ricocheting from objects and throats. It hurts so much. Right now, my left ear is buzzing and itching, and the sound of me typing on the LOUD!

They say, experts say, that your ears are physically older than the rest of your body because you use them so much, take good care of your ears, please! Get speakers for your I-pod (like I did) and play music nice and soft, not loud. Cover your ears when noise is too much, wear headphones (which is what I plan to do) and just take good care of them!

Ouch. The pain's moving down my jaw and to the side of my neck.

And THIS is why
I want

I watched a video on Ireland. It's so peaceful and quiet there, the video says, it's so empty and rural and not inhabited by many people. It's the perfect place for me. Perfect. ~Sigh~

Okay! Sorry, this is a kind-of emotional post. I feel selfish, posting about myself. But isn't that what a blog is???

Thanks for listening (reading) me and my post!


Blueicegal ♥ said...

awwww thats horrible, have you been to the doctors about it im sorry your in such pain, and dont think that i talk about myself on my blog all the time yes thats what our blogs are about its not selfish at all, and i am close especially with my dad and i have said i love you although it is hard to say i tend to make it out as a joke though :)im sorry they hurt i am so careless with sound i always blast music up but i mostly use headphones so ill be more careful i loved reading this post do them more often :)

Rose Cunningham said...

I'm sorry about the pain and suchity. (yes, suchity) I know how much you love Ireland, and I think it would be such a nice place to vacate to annualy, or something. I could see you living there so easily, maybe someday you will. (though I won't see you as often. Surely I'd visit, but I think I'm staying here in the US. I secretly (not so anymore) want to move to Tennessee!

I LOVE the to-do list on the front, especially #1 and #5. I am so going to do that every day!
You completed #1 for me!!! =)

Wings said...

I hope you get better hun, and please go to the doc to check your ears, it's never too late.

Ireland peaceful?

You must mean the country...but even then, the corner pubs can be heard all the way down the street...

The Golden Eagle said...

I hope your ears stopp buzzing and itching and being generally painful.

My family is from Ireland; my grandmother really loved going there, and my mom wants to go there.

Milli said...

Aww, that's terrible! I hope your ears stop buzzing and itching, and...
Ireland sounds awesome. But generally any ocuntryside place is pretty peaceful:D