Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aspiring Author Interview!

Adam was one of my first followers on my book blog, Pages, and from 8 followers I now have 396, so that's pretty awesome. Adam's been working on an entire series of books titled The Terterrior Series. For a while, he stopped posting and I lost track of his blog, and THEN! He contacted me for an interview!!! Here it goes:

1. What made you decide that you wanted to be a writer?

In all honesty, when I was younger I wasn't that into reading and writing. But then around Jr. High it just kind of hit me. I LOVED to read! Writing was less of a passion at that time, despite winning four or five writing awards when I was MUCH younger--so that didn't become a thing until early on in High School. My best friend, Kaitlin, is who really got me in gear. So I guess I would say that she's the reason I'm writing now.

2. What’s your favorite place to sit and think? Where or what do you get your inspiration from?

I love scenery so I often find myself writing in my family's orchard. It's calm and quiet, but--being in Arizona--ridiculously hot in the summer. So I sometimes find myself writing in my family room amid the chaos. As for my inspiration, that would have to be Kaitlin Booth, my best friend.

3. Why dragons?

Because I secretly am one. Haha. Now all kidding aside, in fifth grade I had to write a short five page story for a project. Mine was about dragons. And it was ten pages (front only). I guess the idea just sort of stuck with me and the world began rapidly expanding to the point that it HAD to become a series. I LOVE every single character in it to death, and I think that's what really drives my writing. I care about what happens in this world.

4. Do you only write fantasy?

Not entirely. I've won some awards in the past for writing Sc-Fi with my story Xetradgade (also my FIRST and ONLY Sci-Fi that I've written) that I have posted on my writing blog "I'm Never Write" (the only one that gets updated now), as well as getting second place in a contest for my Victorian piece about an Assassin in my story Candle in the Dark. In general, they're fantasies, but MOSTLY I find myself writing songs and short stories. The Terris Letters, The Death of Isaac Brunelle, and my soon to be public story Festral Dominions are all examples of stuff that kind of twists the norm for fantasy or for my normal writings. I also have fun being a secret playwright, writing my musical The Merry Crew of Captain Kidd. I enjoy being quirky!

5. Is there anything you want to say to aspiring authors like yourself?

Don't give up. LOTS of things will get in the way, but if you REALLY care, then nothing will stop you. There's NO SUCH THING as writer's block, there's only laziness and lack of will! Don't make excuses and "keep moving forward".

6. Who is your favorite author(s) and favorite book(s)?

That's a hard one. My favorite FANTASY book series is easily The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, and my favorite non-fantasy would be The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. But as a whole? I LOVE the writings of Brandon Sanderson. The Mistborn Trilogy, Elantris, and Warbreaker are AMAZING and super influential books for me!

Thanks so MUCH for the interview! I hope to see some of you on my blog!

What an awesome interview, I love the advice. I keep blaming Writer's Block, but Adam's right. ~Sigh~ I also find it really sweet that his best friend Kaitlin Booth! (so romantic!) I'm kidding, if you're reading this Adam. ^_^

Lately today, I've been lazing around, using the computer and Haagen-Daz has an excuse to not write, but this interview has me pumped! I WILL be a published author!! I can do it! And so can you!

P.S. In almost all my interviews with authors, the advice they have given have all been the same. "Never Give Up"
And I won't!!! So thank you Adam and all my followers!

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Adam Gonzales said...

Thanks for the interview! And I'm not sure if Kaitlin would like you saying that. Heh.