Sunday, August 1, 2010

Going nowhere

I have this feeling that Song of the Lost is going nowhere. There's no real "plot" or thrill or adventure. It just recounts what happens to Clara after her parents and sister died. I've gotten to the part where she finally begins the road to recovery, but what happens after that? End of story? It's scarcely enough to fill like, 60 pages! It's really 105 pages of wide ruled paper.

I've started another story. A fantasy fiction with an actual plot. It started with this vivid dream I had, and loved! So I wrote everything down on a flash card, then looked up a bunch of Japanese names and meanings, then started to write. Do you think that's a little too hopeful? To start another one before I finish the first?


Julie said...

It's not too hopeful! Sometimes you just need a break from what you're currenlty writing. Maybe you need time to think of something great for your story.

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I think that it's real, not hopeful. It would be crazy to think that a character or story would allow a neat and tidy finish before another would enter your mind. Keep Clara on a shelf somewhere and keep writing!

I love that you share your setbacks and ideas with us!

Roma said...

Kirthi, its ok...sometiimes you get writer's block and all that stuff so its ok. Also, Clara's story doesn't have to have a happy ending, or even a neat finish...Also, I know this may sound a little apathetic, but to have a good book, you need some love and at least one death. You have death, but do you have love? (and not even romantic, just a friend or a pet or something she can love, something she can hang onto after she lost her parents). If you hate my ideas, please ignore them, because I'm am definitely not a writer, just a reader and a poet :)

OH also, you probably don't want to borrow ideas for story, since might want your own story plot to be your idea, but if Clara did have a friend, maybe Clara dies, and the story is the friend telling Clara's story in the form of a flashback, and ending with some closing words for Clara(eulogy type closing), and how Clara changed the friend's life or something along that line.

Hope this long message helps!