Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pro Advice For Writers!

My mom, the resource hunter, found this amazing site with great advice on writing. I looked up Fiction Writing, and got great results. Purdue Owl is an entire database filled with loads of information, on all sorts of writing. You should most definitely check it out!


Emily Shae said...

I'm so happy *squeal*! I love this link. Thanks. :P


Roma said...

I love Purdue Owl. It's amazing. Haha, I love you love for writing, it makes me inspired to write my thoughts into poems. I really like writing poems, but every so often I get frustrated trying to come up with something that has meaning is poetic. However, now that I have read this post, I may try to write some more. :)

Bueno español!Tienes muchas todavía que aprender, pero hasta ahora estás haciendo bien. Ay, me encanta español <3

Roma said...

I will...I'll show it to you when I'm done. Lol, did you understand the spanish from my previous comment?