Thursday, August 12, 2010

Asian Guys!

In most of my ideas for stories, in my dreams, and in my future books, Asian guys will rule. You know why? Because the Asian culture is rich and filled with qualities I admire, and because Asian guys are so good-looking. Why must they be so perfect? Seriously, why, in most books, are there cocasians, when there could be Asians?! White to Asian.....hard choice, but today, the Asians win.

Also, the names rolls of your tongue like clouds. Asian names are yet elegant. Really, I wish I had an Asian name.
This guy, looks so beautiful, sophisticated, thoughtful, and smart. My crush/dream guy is =Hideto Takarai. Only by looks though, his real character isn't so good. He's like, a vampire, goth model or something in real life. ~sigh~
That picture above makes him look dark and forbidding and hot, right? I love both versions of Hideko though. He's a Japanese singer.

Next up, is this guy:

I saw him on my friend's profile page on Facebook, and his white hair mystifies me. I love how Asians have that lithe, lean complexion, and long, fair neck. Flat, slim face and full lips and light-filled eyes. I love how Asians, most of them, have a good sense of humour and are nice.

I don't have a crush on a particular Asian. But this analysis comes from my interaction with they're racial group at school and from books and from the internet. Hehe. I wish!

!Buenos Noches! Adios!


GABY said...

I would also like to read more about asian guys...they are like magical XD

Tiff said...

i love asian guys too...
they are so hot yet so mysterious..
currently my favorite asian boy is the korean boy band F.Cuz

i want to have a Japanese name. and I want to learn Japanese. the Japanese language is really respective yet pretty.

Hope_princess said...

Hey! (Please don't mind a random comment from a random girl. :-)

Anyway, I totally agree. I watch a lot of Korean dramas online and every time I think- How can these guys have such perfect hair, skin, smile, eyes, EVERYTHING! It makes me jealous and also makes me admire them. :-)

I would love it if God prepared an Asian guy to be my husband in the future. hehe!

My favorite (hot) Asian guys are:
Jang Geun Suk and Kim Hyun Joong

Have an awesome day!

Euphoria13 said...

I am not alone :D

I've been going through this weird Asian guys phase lately! And i thought i was a freak or something... Haha

And my oh my the guy with the dark hair is gorgeous... i think i shall those pics on my computer now... hehe i can stare all day at them :D


Specifically though i've actually been finding myself interested in Korean guys like the singer BI-Rain <3 He was in the movie Ninja Assassin *swoon*

Roma said...

Kirthi! I Love asian guys. I totally understand it completely. Lol, Hey! You do have a beautiful Asian name. Sure not like Korean, Japanese, or Chinese but its still pretty. Sometimes people forget that South Asia is also a part of Asia and has a really rich culture as well. Anyway, I'm glad someone else understands my love of Asian guys and the rich culture found in Asia :)

Roma said...

Haha, yea I guess. Universal :)