Monday, August 23, 2010

This guy

I'm in love with this picture :Phoenix Lu's gorgeous portrait of Cindy Pon's characters (Silver Phoenix and Zhong Ye)

Seriously, I haven't read the books, but Zhong Ye is beautiful. Look.
I think I'm going through my adolescent boy-fever thingy. Sorry about all my Asian-guy rants. But this picture is so gentle, innocent, and sweet and loving, you can't help but to love it!


Rose Cunningham said...

It is beautiful! I love the scenery and the...emtion weaved between the strokes, and the love shooting through them through their bodies. And...the love and trust and...everything! =) It's just so beautiful! =)

Julia said...

I like the detail put into this one.

Tiff said...

I love it, Kirthi

Espcially how the breeze is created.

The Golden Eagle said...

I love this picture! It is gorgeous.

You should read Silver Phoenix--it's a great book. :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

It's a gorgeous picture!

Sierra said...

Beautiful!Can I steal it and put it on my blog?I am Sierra by the way.=)