Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boy + Girl

I haven't posted a piece of my work in a while. I thought you might like a sweet girl + boy story!

You were invisible
Just that girl with
dark hair and
no name.
I didn't even
acknowledge your
To me you were
a shadow
A faint wispy
Then at the party
I saw you
dressed in white
and so lonely
A beautifully sad
sparkle in your eyes.
No, I told my heart,
She's not popular
or cool, what will
people think?
But my heart
wouldn't listen
I fought
with every cell
in my body
in the end
they won.
I walked up to you
and asked
Will you dance
with me?
Your face was shocked
but in your eyes
I saw that
you were not surprised at all.


Rose Cunningham said...

Aw, I sweet!
Love it!

OverDose said...

Lovely !!

Roma said...

didn't realize you were into sappy love storys..haha jk those are my favorite even thought everything works out...haha its nice..i love it! :)

Roma said...

we have something in common! yay..haha love romance storys..the really lovey-dovey kind that is.

And being a freshman is cool...lots of homework...i can't even imagine how you have enough time to post on your blog. (that will probably change soon). Anyways..i think I will join science olympiad, but you have to tell me when all the meetings are and everything! :)
not sure if tiffany is coming back though