Thursday, October 21, 2010

Critique Giveaway!

I just realized that I've never had a giveaway on this blog. So this is my first giveaway to celebrate having you guys!

I love critiquing young adult, always. And adult fiction, as long as it's appropriate (no sexual content) Sorry to limit you!

I'm offering:
  • One 15 page critique of your manuscript
  • One 10 page critique manuscript
It ends November 20th, and it's international (as long as it's written in English)

Just fill out the form below or HERE
Extra entry if you follow this blog!



LTM said...

Hi, Kirthi! I found you through Roland's blog--what a beautiful site. I love it. Looking forward to getting to know you~ :o)

Julia said...

"(no sexual content) Sorry to limit you."


This is nice of you. I'm sure you're a great critic.