Friday, October 29, 2010

Hidden Meaning

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Hidden meaning is the enigma behind many popular poems and writing and is for higher level thinkers. How the reader interprets the hidden meaning piece, line, phrase etc... is unique to them or several other people. It depends on how you can relate and what you relate to. So: this leads to an exercise to quench my curiosity:I think this tin shows a man, collecting hearts in attempt to fill his cold, frozen heart.

Look at the tin of hearts in the picture. What do you think it symbolizes? Who do you think owns this box? Who do you think eats it? Basically:

What is the hidden meaning you see in this image?


The Golden Eagle said...

Hmmmm. I would say . . . that someone's looking for love. The hearts could be symbolic to the person, and be a sort of charm or something like that.

Rose I. Cunningham said...

When I look at the box, I see sadness. The tin is something that one would by for decoration and to place near to them as to symbolize how beautiful things can be. Yet what is placed in the tin is totally different. Since the picture is not mainly of the tin, it possesses a totally different meaning for me. The hearts do not seem totally edible or something that the owner would want to eat. More of decor, as the tin is, yet perhaps it is someone yearning for love, who doesn't have it in their life. A lonely widower perhaps that the hearts are a memory of her late husband, or maybe a single woman who wants someone to love, but is so lonely she only sits sullenly around the house reading and passing time, not putting herself out there and moping about for she secretly does not have the courage to commit herself to being in a relationship. The golden tinge on the top of the tin (inside) reminds me of sadness for it is similar to my personal opinion of the colour of sadness. Yet it also encompasses lonliness and guilt. The hearts seem like a decoration in the background with deeper meaning than meets the eye. They symbolize something special to the owner, yet strum fragile strings of truth within the owner (a girl)'s heart. As for the white background, a technique of the photographer to make the tin of hearts pop. As for the angle, another technique. As for this comment, my personal opinion and it is overly long and superbly deep.