Thursday, October 28, 2010

My new Crush: Alexander Rybak

Cute smile, fun personality and very sweet! He's my perfect guy! Just listen to his music and you'll know ^_^


Melissa said...

What great music! He's also extremely cute.

Roma said...

Oh, my, gosh...that guy is AMAZING!!!!! The back music is so perfect! :)

Rose I. Cunningham said...

OMG! I totally see why you love him! He is so cute! Like...really cute. I like the bottom two. Hi music is remarkable as well. Though you are right, his smile is the best. His style is also really awesome. I'll call you later to elaborate....

Rose I. Cunningham said...

One word: Passion.
You can really tell he loves what he does.

Deniz said...

and his smile is okay.
But really . . I don't get what people mean by
" your smile is like the sun "
that is so untrue.