Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weird is Over-Rated

I tend to look people in the eye and speak my mind about it. I walk to my friend and say "You're eyes are chocolate brown. It's...mixed. You have a wide variety of friends in which you have a different personality towards each. You're an all-around person" I know that because of her eyes, and because of my experience with her.
They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and it's one of my favourite sayings, because it's true.

I tend to speak my mind about everything. I say to my long-time, reading-rival friend since elementary school (we had this rivalry on who could read the most books) and I said to him at lunch, "I respect you a lot, a whole lot, because you read and you're quiet and preserved. You don''re very....admirable, and I respect you for that".
The reaction I get from others from saying that is, "You're so weird!" and "Kirthi, you're so weird". And you know what I say?
"Weird is over-rated" I love saying it just as much as I love saying, "Normal is over-rated".

I connect with people through the eyes, and looking at him or her full on gives people the sense that I care, and that I am listening: a sense of belonging for the other person.

My generation is...."screwed up" as older people might say. The taste in music is for trashy, name-less lyrical "songs" that to me, sounds like pots and pans smashing against each other. Nameless, is what I would describe my generation as, or "brain-washed".
I notice that my classmates love to agree with each other and belong. It's a stage of their life where their identity is un-clear, where they don't know what they want. Basically, being a teen is like being in a constant state of confusion.
Ha, wow. I'm self-aware: I observe. And it's lovely for one to know who they are: what he or she likes, what he or she dislikes, and to say it with such conviction, that it has to be true.

Sometimes, bloggers, I really wish I could meet you in the eye. But words seems to be less than equivalent to looking you in the eye. Sorry.

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C. N. Nevets said...

Eye contact freaks me out. I can't really maintain it well, especially at close distances. The only real exception is when I'm teaching or performing, I can make eye contact with my students or with individuals in the audience. Probably because I am in charge of the moment when I do that.

Misha said...

You sound like me when I was younger.

Hahahahahahahar now I sound old (I'm only 21, just in case I look old too).

This is a few things I've learned.

Self-awareness is a great thing, but never think you understand yourself and learn to expect to be misunderstood.

Trust me on this. In a generation where people are wishy washy and without opinions of their own, people tend to freak out in the face of your opinions. Accept this and move on with your life.

Life is way too short for you to worry about what other people think of you, so never worry about it. And never change just to fit in. It will just end in your own tears.

Sorry if this reads as a sermon, but I did just come out from a marathon church seminar. And the above are things I would have liked to have told myself when I was your age.

PS. Weirdness is never overrated. It makes you stand out and gives you an edge.

Mediocrity, on the other hand, is not even worth considering.

*hugs* Misha

Rose Cunningham said...

Awesome post! Such true life meanings! I love the quotes and pictures you used. One of my favourite posts...=)

Aik said...

Sometimes I don't dare to look someone in the eye while talking, but I'm trying to change my habit because it makes others feel as if I'm not respecting him/her.

I'm kind of a weirdo at school because, well, I say the wrong things at the wrong time. People always tell me "You're so weird!" too.

I try my best to make friends, but sometimes it ends in failure. Because I just don't know what to say.

Thanks for posting this! You're a true writer, Kirthi.

Roma said...

I've got that so many times. I can't count the different variations of weird I've been called on all my toes and fingers combined. All I ever say is "Yea, did you just figure that out?" I like being who I am...and I have the days when I hate being like everyone else. So yes I do get called weird sometimes :) But I love it!

Roma said...

Doesn't Everyone? Haha, Hmm...I thinking looking into peoples eyes is interesting. I definitely agree you can tell more about them sometimes. It's funny though, because I will look into their eyes and all I will see is how amazingly pretty the color of their eyes are. Thing is I don't see the beauty in everyone's eyes (which I guess is mean), but if I don't feel as if your eyes are pretty somehow I automatically have less respect for you. And I don't think it means I hate them because don't have pretty eyes. I think its that I notice how pretty someone's eyes are when the smile, laugh, or seem really nice. If I don't seems to think your eyes are pretty, it's because I get the feeling that your not as sincere or sweet as you could be.

Looking back on what I just wrote, I think I sound quite interesting...does anyone else ever randomly look into someone's eyes and see how pretty they are? :)

Euphoria13 said...

I'm remembering how I was when I was 13.

Heck, even when I was in High School!

I was always the strange one or the freak. Not my fault I was the only one who would rather sit down and read while everyone else was gossiping and talking nonsense...

I love that quote about how the eyes are the window to a person's soul.

A person can grasp so much from a person, if they looked into their eyes and I mean REALLY look into their eyes.

I also agree about the music. Oh sweet and meaningful music...where art thou?

It disappoints me how a lot of Artist's don't get the recognition they deserve. I don't understand why is it that so many people that I knew when I was in Middle and High School, loved listening the the top 100 on the radio.

You ask them who Enya is or Imogen Heap, they look at you like huh???