Friday, October 8, 2010

What I Want

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they cannot take it away from me
this trust and belief I have
that things will turn for the better

i love my life, and fear it's end

they say fear is good.
makes life interesting
but for me it's eating
me from the inside out

i walk away from my closest friends
i feel so alone
when i know i'm surrounded by many
who love me

i feel angry when i don't want to

i want to be able to laugh
and really meant it

i want to cry and stop
when a hug wraps around me

love is out there
i just can't see it

(i'm sorry. for everyone i love, that i can't show how much i love you)


Misha said...

beautifully written


Roma said...

Very pretty :) But I don't think you have a problem with showing people you love them. You may not send that message everyday, but I think people know.

Euphoria13 said...

Aww. That was a really pretty poem.

It flows so well. I love the line

"I Love My Life, But Fear Its End"

I really enjoy reading your poems and thoughts on this blog ^_^

Rose Cunningham said...

wow! i love that poem! it so clearly describes so many emotions of mine and others. i can't believe you conjured that up in your magical head! wow. wow. wow. wow.