Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Dog

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This is a poem someone I know wrote. And it was so sad.

I was watching Turkish tv today -sunday- while doing the dishes. My parents were in the living room.
The news guy then starts talking about a dog that got beaten to death by 3 guys.
The dog was so small.
They showed the whole video.
Thank god my parents weren't in the kitchen.
I broke down.
I dont ever remember crying like that.
I would never cry for a person.
They show a lot of people dieing in turkey on the news.
But when they show me this . . .
i couldn't believe it.
I was crying so hard.
its not even funny.
But why am i telling you this?


Euphoria13 said...

o_o I would cry too if I saw a video of a poor little dog getting beaten up.

That is just... sad and horrible.

Roma said...

That is to sad. By the way, where do you find your photos? They work so well with your posts and they are so pretty if in a sad way!