Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Resolution

What happened this year that I would like to change:
  • I lost followers
  • I didn't complete my manuscript as I hoped
  • I didn't participate in NaNoWriMo
  • I didn't show my appreciation as I would like to have done to my remaining followers
That will all change for the new year, I hope ^_^

Personal New Years Goals:
  • I will attempt to be rid of my teenage angst and be nicer
  • I will help my parents more than I already do
  • I will not shut my friends out
  • I will not sulk around feeling sorry for myself
  • I will not do anything that I will regret
  • I will show my family how much I love them
  • And all in all, I will be a better, more self-aware person.
  • I'll eat healthier
  • I'll work out more often
  • I'll become FIT!
Blog New Years Goals:
  • I will post interviews from the bloggers that I admire and whose blogs I read often
  • I will post blog-related giveaways for you, my friends
  • I will show you how much I love you all.
Do these sound good? Am I missing anything ^_^


Rose I. Cunningham said...

First of all, I love the pictures! Especially the waves washing over 2010....that is jsut amazing. I also like the art not ads thingy on your sidebar! Sounds like great resolutions. Mine is to eat healthy, cut back on fast food and eating out, exercise and become stronger emotionally and physically. And to keep my job. Money is nice even though it can be a pain. Oxymoronic, but true. Anyways, I'll see you tomorrow!!! =) []

Julia said...

kirthi-- don't rush the manuscript. I tried, and whatever I produced while forcing myself to hurry turned out to be crap. The rush isn't worth it-- truth is, you'll be a lot better off if you take your own time. :)


mist of the blossom rain said...

I thought my manuscript was going to be done in month--that was almost a year ago. Whatever your product will be, I know it will be amazing because you are such a talented writer. Have a great year Kirthi:)

Roma said...

Great goals! And it usually doesn't do well to rush writing. Even if being a professional writer means meeting deadlines, don't push yourself. Enjoy the fact that you can write at your own pace, embrace your freedom of being young and don't rush it. Also, I was under the impression you were a very nice person. While everyone can be nicer, to make it a goal would be undermining your compassion and kindness Kirthi. Lastly, why do you feel sorry for yourself? As for the regret, choose and think over important decisions carefully. But the best way to not have a regretful actions is to do them confidently and with the best intentions therefore afterwards even if it was a disaster you want feel compelled to regret what you did. As for the rest of you goals, they are great! And I hope that you are able to meet them by the end of this year! :) Happy New Years to you Kirthi.