Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ashokan Farewell and my Woes

I really wish I could play my viola has amazing as I dream and hear. I have several awesome, and incredibly talented violinists who are the sweetest friends. They're absolutely amazing! Sometimes when they practice, I stop to watch in awe. I know that with practice I'll become better, but never as amazing as they are. They'll always have that extra time of practice that I didn't. But as much as I'm jealous, I'm respectful. I love you all.

 In Orchestra, we're playing a piece called Ashokan Farewell from a Civil War documentary. The viola part is boring and doesn't even sound nice. And like always, the violins get the best part, but it sounds so beautiful, I can't be angry. It's so.............amazing. I can't describe it! Normally I would find a poem or peice of work to fit a song, but this one is just one so.............amazing!!!! I have to play to violin part when I can, because this songs just strikes something really deep inside me!

I found only two great videos of people playing the Ashokan Farwell:

A pair of siblings playing in a duet. The brother as the viola (oh yeah!) and the sister as the violin

A Senior Orchestra (you can tell, it's so good!)


The Golden Eagle said...

Thanks for the videos! I play the violin, so I found them quite interesting.

Roma said...

The violins do get the best parts! But they would never sound as great without the back drop of the viola, cellos, and basses. Also, Kirthi, from what I heard you play last year you were quite talented, and I was in awe of your talents.