Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some Multicultural Experiences plus another problem

I know, I 've got another messed up problem.

I was reading a book on the floor (my feet were against a foot heater) and then, as I turned the page, my hand felt very very cold. I looked at it, and it was totally blue and I was losing sensation. Of course (por supesto)u, I immediately pressed it against my burning foot heater. They tuned red but a couple of fingers remained a little blue after wards. I'm going to the doctors either tomorrow or the day after. Thank you all for worrying and hoping with and for me ^_^ I'm planning something for you guys ^_^

My Multicultural Experiences:

My Mum decided to try a different grocery meat shop. A lot of Indians are used to getting fresh meat. I remember when I was five, on my first trip to India since I left as a baby, I insisted on coming shopping with her. It was very hot and we went to several road-side stalls. Then we climbed up some white steps to a small meat shop. Live chickens were squawking in cages, and several corpses hung from the ceiling. The smell was....unbearable. I stood outside, horrified and half-crying, when my mum came out with out favourite food: goat meat. As I'm typing this up, she's laughing and making a face ^_^

A similar experience occurred in an International Farmer's Market here in the U.S. The sanitary conditions were awful. I felt very dirty and dusty inside it. The packaged food sections were devoid of people. It was in the back where every was heading. The Meat Section.

There were miles of packed meat in cooled systems. There was a large rectangular tin pan filled with live, moving crabs. This little Hispanic girl poking the crabs with tongs. The crabs' claws very grabbing and clinging to the tongs and the girl was giggling. I watched in horror. She saw me, smiled, and continued poking. She lifted a crab and swung it to me. I gasped, "No no, not any closer, no no" So then I ran to find my parents.

This Asian lady, I couldn't tell if she was Japanese or Taiwanese or Chinese or I don't know!!!, she approached the crab stand with an elderly lady whom I assumed was her grandmother and with her two small boys. Around 4 years old, I guessed.
 She approached with a large, brown paper bag. She took the tongs and dropped the LIVE CRAB in the bad, conversing in a low tone with her grandmother. The children took another pair of tongs and happily poked the crabs.

My Mom came over, waving a bag of cut goat chops with white bone still attached to it, unhappily.
  "I don't think this is as good as they other store, but it's too late to go back" she said in Telugu, an Indian dialect.
 My Dad was unhappy as well, "The man gave us more bone than meat!":he complained. My mum got so much meat, I was in awe. An entire freezer full! Now, she regrets it, telling me she'll get good meat closer to home no matter how expensive it is.

And thus our departure concluded this story.

Another story? At another International Farmers Market, I always went there when I was young. It most more of an Indo-Pak store than anything International. While my Mum shot off with her cart, happily bouncing around. She sometimes took my brother. But most of the times, my dad took my brother and I around the massive building.
   There were these MASSIVE white tanks of live fish swimming around, a load of them (the tanks, I mean). I was so small that Dad would have to lift me up to look at them. I was so happy, watching those fish.

So yes. I think this concludes my Multicultural story for today


LTM said...

First, LOVE the new look!
Second, whoa! what's going on w/your hand? Could it be a nerve issue?
Third, (LOL!) I like just walking through international farmers markets. They're so fascinating...

whatever you get, cook thoroughly!

All the best~ :o) <3

The Golden Eagle said...

I hope you hand's okay--it doesn't sound too good.

It sounds like some experience, to go to a market like that!

Julia said...


yeah, that's why I'm vegetarian.

Is everything alright with your hand? I really hope that everything's going to be alright-- my heart's with you.

Tiff said...

You should try Buford Highway Farmer's Market. It's a little far away, but it is pretty cool! and you're are not allowed to poke the's my favorite international farmer's market.