Thursday, January 6, 2011

When Money is a Problem

I always feel incredibly guilty when I ask my parents for money. They get this pained look on their faces, and they look to my hopeful face, hesitate and then buy me what I want. I'm not rich, and I'm not one of those American house-holds that has "chores" or that uses paper-towels or hire maids or has a perfectly co-operative social family who spends quality time with each other. So I've become more cautious about money. I don't say,
 "Mo-om. No one uses coupons!" at the grocery check-out. I'm not embarassed anymore. In fact, I help my mom cut out coupons on Sunday,

 But why am I posting this? I reallllly want another design for my book blog, Pages, and my dad told me "Keep watch at how much money you spend, okay?" He can never say 'no' to me and it hurts the both of us.

SO ANYWAYS!!!!!!! I'm continueing to write my novel, and half the  money I might make will go to my parents and hte other half to my college fund. Hehe, I have big plans!


Book Monster said...

I understand your dilemma. My mom is a single mom raising me.

But someone once told me when writing a novel, never think big (in terms of publishing, money ect) because that will only distract you. Focus on making your novel something that you will love and most likely others will love it to.

Roma said...

Oh, Kirthi, I understand you predicament so well. It happens to me all the time. And honestly, I love the designs on both of your blogs the way they are! Of course you would like to change things up, but I think to be kind to your parents by keeping your blog with the same design(which looks fantastic)is not such a bad idea.

Also, just a bit of constructive criticism, do you re-read and edit your blog post before you post them? Because, often times I find spelling and grammar mistakes such as in this post the 'contineing' which should be continuing. Lol, I love you plans, they are great and ambitious, and I think that whenever I end up getting a job, I will try my best to give back to my parents since they have given me so much.